-Church Q&A-

1. What Happens During A Church Service?

Each Service Begins With Greetings And A Few Announcements. After That, We Begin The Worship Portion Of The Service Which Includes An Offering, Songs Of Praise And Worship, And The Exposition Of God’s Word, But Not Necessarily In That Specific Order. We Close The Service With A Blessing To All And Music To Our Lord.

2. What Should I Wear To Church?


Actually We Thought This Was A Good Place To Throw In A Little Humor. Seriously, At Our Church, People Dress In Many Different Ways. Most Dress Casually, But Some Enjoy Wearing Dressier Clothes To The Service. Either Way, You Will Not Feel Out Of Place.

3. I've Never Read The Bible. Will I Be Lost During The Service?

Every Effort Is Made To Communicate The Truth In A Manner That Everyone Can Understand. If You Have Never Read The Bible, You Will Not Be Alone. Often People Come To Our Services That Have No Background In The Bible, And We Are Blessed To Be Able To Put Many References On A PowerPoint Presentation.

4. Do I Have To Go To Bible Study Before The Service?

Some People Find It Helpful To Learn The Bible In A Small Group Setting. There Are Various Opportunities For Bible Studies Offered Through Our Church, But No One Is Required To Attend.

5. I'm Afraid That I'll Get A Lot Of Attention For Never Going To Church. Will You Point Me Out?

We Very Much Try Not To Make First Time Guests Feel Conspicuous, But We Do Want Them To Feel Welcome! Individuals In The Church May Come And Introduce Themselves To You And Welcome You To Our Church, But We Do Not Single Out Visitors During The Course Of Our Services.


-Christianity Q&A-

1. I'm Basically A Good Person...I'm Going To Heaven, Right?

How Good Do You Have To Be? The Bible Answer Is That You Would Have To Be Perfect (Matt. 5:48), And There Is Only One Who Is Perfect, Namely Jesus Christ. He Was The Only Man Who Lived Without Sin (2 Cor. 5:21).

2. Who Is Jesus, And Why Is He So Important?

Jesus Is The Eternal Son Of God, Who, Being In Very Nature God, Has Always Existed, Became A Man By Being Born Of A Virgin, Lived A Sinless Life, Died On The Cross For Our Sins, And Rose Again To Give Us Eternal Life. Only Through Jesus Can One Receive Forgiveness Of Sins And Spend Eternity In Heaven.

3. I Have Too Many Problems In My Life; I Could Never Be A Christian As I'm Not Good Enough.

None Of Us Is Good Enough—That Is For Sure. But When We Come To Jesus In Repentance And Faith, He Makes Us Good Enough By Putting His Righteousness Within Us. Though Christians Continue To Struggle With Sin, Christians Have The Power To Overcome Sin.

4. Why Do Christians Think They're Right? Can't We Focus On The Similarities Among Religions?

Jesus Said, "He Who Is Not With Me Is Against Me, And He Who Does Not Gather With Me Scatters." (Matt. 12:30). He Also Said “I Am The Way, The Truth, And The Life”. There Can Only Be One Way, But We Can Be Gracious To Those Who Do Not Believe The Truth.

5. What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?

A Christian Is One Who Has Come To Understand Who Jesus Christ Really Is And Has Come To Him In Faith For The Forgiveness Of Sins. When You Come To Faith In Jesus Christ As Lord (Rom. 10:9-13), You Are Given A New Nature And Will Find That Your Interests And Desires Have Changed. Though You Will Often Fail, You Will Find That You Want To Live A Life That Pleases God.