Children's Activities


Children's Church is offered for the age group that encompasses kindergarten through fifth grade. 

The children come to the 10:00 worship service with their parents so that families may enjoy the first part of the service together. In the first part of the service there is a lot of music, and even for those who may not know the songs, the music is enjoyable to hear. The words of the songs are always displayed by Power Point onto a large screen so that all may sing along!

Then, prior to the sermon, the children are dismissed for their own time of Bible learning. It is always exciting to see the children happily following their teacher to their class!

Once in the class, the children learn in various ways, including fun activities. Some times the children may play games or make a craft that will help them learn about the Bible, as well as how to apply these lessons in their own lives. On occasion, the children will bring home materials (written Bible stories, Bible quizzes, etc.) that they received in Children's Church, which gives parents a great opportunity to interact with the children on various topics. These services are well attended and the kids love it.